About us :

Founded in 2007 an initiative of two students of internationally renowed cellist Istvàn VARGA, the evvlogopurEnsemble de Violoncelles Varga” organises an annual Master Class in Vouillé (Deux-Sèvres).
The Master Class is aimed at advanced students of cello from European music schools and conservatories, as well as young professional musicians.
Istvàn VARGA has been supervising the annual Master Class personally.
Since 2010, the EVV has also included a chamber music option aimed at groups, i.e. duos, trios, quartets.
Enriched by the experience of previous years, the Master Class will again take place this year with two traditional final concerts of the Ensemble de Violoncelles and a piano-cello chamber music concert.


istvanIstvàn VARGA studied cello with Victor JAKOVCIC, Mezö LÁSZLÓ from the Bartók quartet, André NAVARRA and Maurice GENDRON, and chamber music with Rados FERENC and Gyorgy KURTAG. Until 1999, he lived and worked in the former Yugoslavia where he was a professor of cello and chamber music at the Academy of Belgrade as well as being responsible for the string department at the Academy of the Arts in Novi Sad. He founded and directed the Camerata Academy chamber orchestra, an orchestra that has become one of the most celebrated orchestras of contemporary music in the former Yugoslavia. He was also the foundary member of the famous string trio « Golberg ». Several composers such as DESPIC, ERIC, SUKLAR and STEFANOVIC have even dedicated works pieces to VARGA. In 1975 he was bestowed with an award from the Franz LISZT Academy in Budapest. From 1999 until 2007, he was the senior cellist of the Hungarian National Orchestra. Since 1999 he has been teaching cello and chamber music at the Bartók conservatory in Budapest. Since 2010, he is the famous senior cellist at the Hungarian Radio Orchestra. In addition to his many accomplishments, Istvàn VARGA regularly works with renowned musicians such as the pianist Gábor CSALOG as well as Peter EÜTVES, András KELLER, János FÜRST, Zoltan KOCSIS, Tibor VARGA and Bobby Mc FERRIN to name but a few ! Istvàn VARGA also gives Master Classes in Croatia, Serbia, United States, Turkey, Italy, Hungary and of course France where he is always eager to import his impressive knowledge and experience to students who attend these classes.